Well we definitely do and are very proud to be a genuine family farm producing ethical, sustainable food all produced in harmony with nature.

At West Country Water Buffalo we believe it is important to know where our food comes from and how it is reared.

Our water buffalo are only reared on our farm, housed during the cold/wet winters then free to range our lush green grasses of our Somerset countryside during the rest of the year. We can be sure of our traceability knowing that all our forage is home produced with minimal imported nutritional supplements to keep our animals healthy and fit to high welfare standards.



The very slow BUFF!

Water buffalo are an old breed of bovine animal, which have not been interbred or altered for thousands of years. So they have not been challenged to be fast growing or designed to produce large volumes of milk, but are slow reared and produce low volumes of milk of which can be higher in nutritional quality. Slow and grass fed, our buffalo produce a very lean and tender beef, which is naturally full of flavour. The milk is also silky smooth and pearl white in colour, higher in butterfat than standard cows and also made up of A2 beta-casein protein.

So we have learnt not to hurry our water buffalo, in fact there is nothing fast about them.....everything really has to be done at their pace!




Buffalicious is the evolution of our story. Being able to bring everything that is great about water buffalo and provide a unique range of produce for our customers to enjoy, is something which we’re really excited to develop further.

Raw Buffalicious milk - nothing altered just as it should be straight from the buffalo.

Our award winning Buffalicious ice cream - luxurious and sublime to taste, is just delicious!

Buffalicious mozzarella - slow like the buffalo, but arriving soon!!